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Essential Assets and Strategies for a Successful Music Release

In the world of music, where numerous artists aspire to capture the hearts and ears of listeners, understanding the roadmap to a successful music release becomes crucial. Professional release assets and high-quality music together form an essential alliance, shaping how


Social Media in the Life of a Music Artist

Are you a music artist wondering how to make your mark on social media? Well, you’re in the right place because social media is like your best friend in the music world. It’s your stage, your spotlight, and your ticket


Electronic Music Press Kit Essential Checklist 2023

As a music artist, you must have heard of an electronic music press kit, EMPK (also called EPK), or even been told to make it. But what’s an EPK? Well, according to Apple Music for Artists, an Electronic Music Press


Creating a Sense of Luxury and Exclusivity in Branding

Picture yourself walking through a fancy shopping area, surrounded by glamorous stores. These stores are unlike any other shops you’ve seen before. They have an aura of elegance and refinement, and the things they sell, all look premium, with incredible


Standing Out in a Competitive Market with Product Labelling

Recently, one of our clients reached out asking for a change of their brand label design for all their products. Having noticed that their labels were starting to look similar to other products on the market, they wanted to create

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