Terms of Services

Working With Us

We will try our best to meet your needs and expectations. It’s important to have a written agreement so we both know what to expect. This agreement is easy to understand and does not contain complicated legal terms. Our goal is to have a fair agreement that benefits both parties.

Changes and revisions
We offer you the freedom to decide. We’re willing to implement the necessary changes within the estimated time frame, and any additional changes outside the timeframe will have a separate budget for the extra time.

Intellectual property rights.
You guarantee that all project assets of text, images, or other electronic file you provide are either owned by you or that you’ve permission to use them. When you provide text, images, or other electronic file to us, you agree to protect us from any claim by a third party that we’re using their intellectual property.

We guarantee that all works and its elements we deliver to you are either created by us or we’ve obtained permission to provide them to you. When we deliver text, images, videos and other projects to you, we agree to protect you from any claim by a third party that you’re using their intellectual property. Provided you’ve paid for the work and that this contract hasn’t been terminated, we’ll assign all intellectual property rights to you as follows:

  • We’ll give you finished files and you own all intellectual property rights of text, images, site specification, and data you provided unless someone else owns them.

We also provide editable project files at an agreeable cost.

  • We’ll own any intellectual property rights we’ve developed prior to, or developed separately from this project and not paid for by you.
  • All preparation materials, visuals, and sketches, including all electronic files used to create the project, remain the property of Nymy Media.

We’re sure you understand how important it is for us that you clear your invoices on time. And you agree to stick to all the payment schedule agreed upon to enable us maintain a positive business relationship.

  • Our invoices are issued electronically and the payment terms are seven (7) working days from the date of the invoice. All proposals are quoted in United States Dollar (USD) and payments will be at the equivalent exchange rate on the date the transfer is made.
  • You agree to pay all transaction charges.
  • You agree to pay 65% of the total cost upfront before any work is started. The remaining 35% will be due upon completion of the work.
  • We reserve the right to charge interest on all overdue debts at the rate of 2.5% per month.

Displaying our work
We love to display our work, so we reserve the right to display all aspects of our creative work, including sketches, work-in-progress designs, and the completed project on our portfolio and in blog articles on websites, in books, and magazines. We only do this after you’ve published your work.

Promoting (Marketing)
Promotion of your brand, goods, and services is not included in our services unless previously agreed upon. If you would like us to promote your brand, goods, and services, we can discuss it.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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