Revive Your Marketing with Powerful Graphics: Harnessing the Impact of Visuals Over Words

Revive Your Marketing with Powerful Graphics: Harnessing the Impact of Visuals Over Words. Nymy Media Blog Post

According to “the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than texts.” And so, most people prefer pictures to texts. After a long day of reading lots of texts, the last thing someone wants to do is to read another long and tedious marketing text.

And so, the best way to put a marketing message across and perhaps the most effective and easiest, is through the use of pictures. These can be photos of everyday people, things and landscapes that clearly represent the message the brand is portraying.

However, for most of us, photography isn’t our forte, and when we consider the intellectual property restrictions involved in using other people’s photos, the idea of simply conveying our message in writing becomes even more compelling, if not the best option. But what if I told you that you can still use pictures to creatively and effectively pass on a message about your brand without worrying about being sued. This is through using graphics.

All you need is to invest in a good graphics designer or illustrator, then have them bring your ideas to life. These amazing people, will turn your written messages into pictorial representations of your texts. That way your message shall be easily noticed and engrained in your target audience’s minds, hence drawing more people to your brand, while paying less in both time and money.

Using pictures is one of the best ways to liven up your marketing texts and make them relatable and hard to scroll away from. Although, care must be taken not to misplace pictures. One picture might make or ruin the brand. Choose them wisely. Ensure that they represent exactly that which you intend to communicate.

So, as you think of using pictures more often instead of texts in your brand marketing, ensure that the picture is appropriate and not offensive. Remember you need the client to notice your brand and even order for your services or goods, and not the other way round.

Blog Post by Golda D. Abesiga (On behalf of Nymy Media)

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