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KabiKabi – Atanseera

KabiKabi, a Ugandan music artist has once again collaborated with Nymy Media to design a lyric video and cover artwork for his latest gospel release titled “Antanseera,” This collaboration follows Nymy Media’s successful branding of “Gwe Wange” by the same artist earlier this year.

“Antanseera” by KabiKabi, is a powerful and spiritually uplifting song that celebrates the divine provision and guidance of God, often referred to as the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. The song beautifully articulates the concept of divine timing and understanding, acknowledging God’s omniscience and benevolence in providing exactly what is needed, even when it may not align with our immediate desires.

The song’s sincere lyrics reflect the intimate relationship between the singer and their Creator, portraying God as a loving parent who comprehends their needs even before they do. The verses express moments of human weakness and longing, while also offering the assurance of God’s comforting presence and abundant provision. The authenticity of the verses resonates with the listeners, as they can connect with the emotions being portrayed in the song.

Cover Artwork
The “Antanseera” cover artwork, is designed with a golden-yellow theme that transitions to a deep green at the bottom. It showcases the artist’s name, KabiKabi, positioned at the top in an easy-to-read sans-serif font. At the center of the design, is a lone lamb (main figure) standing atop a verdant hill, symbolizing Jesus Christ. The song title, “Antanseera,” is then prominently displayed behind the lamp in an ultra-condensed Sans-serif ‘Howard’ font. The design also features a flock of birds soaring freely across the open sky and an overlay of a glowing cross. All conveying the clear message of the song.

Lyric Video
Contrary to the symbolic artwork, the lyric video features stock footage of a music studio as the background for the song lyrics, displayed in a large ultra-condensed sans-serif font, similar to the one used in the artwork. This deliberate choice aimed to enhance the readability and comprehension of the lyrics.

A Successful Collaboration
Nymy Media is honored by the trust KabiKabi and his team placed in them for the branding of his newest song.

Stream the Song
Click “Antanseera” to stream


Watch; KabiKabi – Atanseera (Official Lyric Video)


Written by Asenath Were

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