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KabiKabi – Gwe Wange

KabiKabi kicks off 2024 with a love song, “Gwe Wange” (Luganda for “You Are Mine”). This love-affirming track marks the artist’s first collaboration with Nymy Media, who brought KabiKabi’s vision to life through both the song’s artwork and lyric video.

Cover Artwork
The “Gwe Wange” artwork is a beautiful testament to the power of love. Designed in a minimalist style, it features two intertwined figures, a man and a woman, depicted in a simple colored vector silhouette. This image immediately conveys the song’s central theme of unity and connection.

The artwork is further enhanced by the use of the unique sans-serif ‘Mechta’ font for both the title and the artist’s name. This choice aimed for a touch of elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing the romantic essence of the song.

Lyric Video
The “Gwe Wange” lyric video takes a straightforward approach, allowing the power of the lyrics to shine through. With an uncluttered low-contrast and black-and-white background of the official artwork, the focus remains entirely on the words themselves. Presented in a large and easy-to-read ‘Riffic Free’ font, the lyrics are well-synchronized with the music (less effects-on-text) ensuring viewers can smoothly follow along and fully immerse themselves in KabiKabi’s love song.

A Successful Collaboration
Nymy Media is thrilled to have partnered with KabiKabi on “Gwe Wange.” The successful marriage of song and design showcases the power of collaboration in bringing artistic visions to life.

Enjoy the Song
Click “Gwe Wange” to stream/download

Watch; KabiKabi – Gwe Wange (Official Lyric Video)


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