Aida Vee - What Are We

Aida Vee – What Are We?

Nymy Media developed the visual identity for Aida Vee’s latest single, “What Are We?” This included planning the release, designing the official artwork, and creating the lyric video. Mastermind Laray directed and filmed the official music video.

“What Are We?” follows the theme of love present in Aida Vee’s other songs. However, this track explores further, stressing the questions that surface as two people fall for each other. It portrays the struggles of navigating emotions and finding a place in each other’s lives. Underlying it all, the song emphasizes the importance of honesty and respect as the foundation of a lasting relationship.

Cover Artwork
Unlike previous artworks by Nymy Media for Aida Vee, the cover for “What Are We?” does not feature the artist’s photo, per her request. The design is simple and feminine, with yellow as the main color. The bold 3D text “We?” stands out, while “What Are” is in sky blue for contrast. White accents are used in the artist’s logo, floral patterns, and a pink flower on the main text. The design features a single sans-serif font, “Porky’s,” known for its rounded edges.

Lyric Video
The lyric video follows the same simple style as the artwork. It uses a basic, condensed sans-serif font with a glowing effect, set against a background that changes colors.

A successful collaboration
Nymy Media is incredibly proud of this project and grateful to Aida Vee and her management for entrusting us with a job well done.

Stream the song
Click “What Are We” to stream


Watch; Aida Vee – What Are We (Official Lyric Video)

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