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Azawi Sankofa (Album) Lyric Visualizers

Nymy Media takes pride in presenting the lyric visualizer project for Azawi’s second music album, “Sankofa,” consisting of 16 tracks. Following our successful collaboration on Azawi’s first album, “African Music,” we were entrusted by Jaylor Birungi, the artist’s manager at Swangz Avenue, to deliver 16 lyric videos promptly, a challenge we readily embraced.

Project Brief Overview:
Swift Delivery: Jaylor emphasized the need for a quick turnaround, and we are pleased to announce that we met the tight deadline, ensuring Azawi’s fans could engage with the lyric videos at their earliest convenience.

Readability Priority: Understanding the essence of lyric videos, Benon Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze stressed the importance of readability. Our approach focused on minimizing transitions and effects, allowing viewers to focus on the lyrics without unnecessary distractions.

Design Elements:
Clear Display: Given the clever and insightful nature of Azawi’s lyrics in the Sankofa album, we prioritized a clear and unobtrusive display of the text on screen.

Uniformity with Album Art: To maintain a cohesive visual experience, we integrated a subtle motion background utilizing the album cover art, skillfully designed by George Wilsons. . This choice ensures a harmonious blend between the lyric videos and the album’s overall aesthetic.

Consistent Typography: In line with the album’s official cover art, we adhered to the same font style — a bold, hard-brush cover font. This decision not only contributes to visual uniformity but also aligns with the desired simplicity and neutrality outlined in the initial brief.

At Nymy Media, our commitment is to enhance the viewer’s experience by seamlessly integrating visuals with the essence of Azawi’s music. With “Sankofa,” we’ve maintained a delicate balance, allowing the lyrical content to take center stage while complementing it with a visually pleasing and consistent design.
We appreciate the collaborative effort with Azawi’s team and thank them for entrusting us with this creative endeavor.

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