Swey Campala Lord Forgive Me Artwork Nymy Media

Swey Campala – Lord Forgive Me

As part of Swey Campala’s reflection on a part of his upbringing during his 20s, “Lord Forgive Me,” a song about when his life took a completely opposite direction than it does today, Nymy Media designed these two song artworks to convey the message behind and in the song.

The artwork is a colorful digital artwork of street gangsters, youths in their early 20s, and adults to portray the artist’s past, as described by Swey Campala himself. The artwork is meant to have an urban feel with its colors and background texture since it’s a rap song. The artwork is then finalized with a brush font, Heaters on the song title, and a sans-serif Phonk on the artist’s name.

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