Giovanni Kiyingi Yanyumisiza Obulamu Nymy Media

Giovanni Kiyingi – Yanyumisiza Obulamu

Nymy Media proudly presents the branding for Giovanni Kiyingi’s latest love melody song, “Yanyumisiza Obulamu.” Building on our long-standing collaboration with Giovanni Kiyingi, Nymy Media took on this project nearly a month before the release, determined to deliver exceptional results as always.

Cover Artwork
Odwako Isaac, the designer at Nymy Media, aimed for a cover that differed slightly from previous designs for Giovanni Kiyingi. This cover features a multicolored background with a textured black and white artist portrait. To accommodate the length of the title “Yanyumisiza Obulamu,” it’s designed in two fonts: Slight & Frankline Gatholic Heavy. A third brush font, Guthen Blots, is used for the artist’s name.

Audio Visualizer
The cover artwork was adapted to a 16:9 video ratio and subtly animated in Adobe After Effects using some of its elements to provide viewers with a gentle visual flow.

Lyric Video
Maintaining thematic consistency, the lyric video employs the same concept as the audio visualizer with minor adjustments. Slight, the main font, is used for the verses, while Guthen Blots, the title font, is used for the chorus in the lyric video.

A Successful Collaboration
Nymy Media is incredibly proud of this project and grateful to Giovanni Kiyingi and his Team, Eka Muziki, for entrusting them with branding his latest release.

Stream the Song
Click “Yanyumisiza Obulamu”  to stream

Watch; Giovanni Kiyingi – Yanyumisiza Obulamu (Audio Visuals)


Watch; Giovanni Kiyingi – Yanyumisiza Obulamu (Lyric Video)

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