Lujja Services LLC

Lujja Services LLC

Nymy Media has created and designed the new brand identity for Lujja Services LLC, a new homecare, transportation, and delivery service provider agency in Boston, Massachusetts.


Lujja Services LLC was founded by Alexander Luggya who approached Nymy Media CEO Isaac Odwako to imprint the brand image.


Odwako’s first task was to create the brand identity for Lujja Services LLC (Alexander Lujja, then). This centered on the new symbol logo of “lamp & cross” on a dark blue round shape in depiction of life, light of divinity, wisdom, intellect and good works in Christian faith.


The logo symbol has been incorporated with a clean and modern sans serif wordmark (Lujja Services LLC) to convey approachability as well as maintaining the simplicity.


Below the wordmark is the tagline, “The Lord Reigns” which inspired the logo symbol creation. All in the same style and color (Dark-blue), aligning from the center of the wordmark on both the horizontal and vertical brand logo.


The brand name and tagline were all provided by Alexander Luggya at the start of the project in 2020.


The motion logo is a simple mask and reveal video concept to harmonize with the logo simplicity;- An ideal concept for intro-outro videos and Ads. The three (3) seconds motion video can as well be played on a loop to showcase the brand.


And finally, website design and profiling. Lujja Services LLC profile data was written and provided by the brand’s founder, Alexander Luggya. Formatted by Nymy Media’s Isaac Odwako and Irene N. Best, a professional writer and journalist.


Following the brand identity guide, the live website was designed by Isaac Odwako and later inspected by Ivan Elly N.



Project team

Isaac Odwako N.

Irene Best N.

Ivan Elly N.

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