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Branding Lujja Services LLC

Nymy Media has created a new brand identity for Lujja Services LLC, a home-care, transportation, and delivery service provider agency in Boston, Massachusetts. The brand identity is centered on a symbol logo of a lamp and a cross on a dark blue round shape, which depicts life, light, wisdom, and good works in the Christian faith.

Lujja Services LLC LOGOS 2 scaled Nymy Media

The logo symbol is paired with a clean and modern sans-serif wordmark in the same dark blue color. Below the wordmark is the tagline, “The Lord Reigns,” which inspired the logo symbol creation.

Nymy Media also created a motion logo for Lujja Services LLC, which is a simple mask and reveal video that showcases the simplicity of the brand identity. The motion logo can be used for intro-outro videos and ads.

Finally, Nymy Media designed and developed the Lujja Services LLC website, following the brand identity guide. The website features a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate and showcases the agency’s services.

Project team
Isaac Odwako N.
Irene Best N.
Ivan Elly N.

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