How to get people to listen to your song(s): An Ardent Listener’s Point of View

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What makes a great hit song? Budding musicians and legends in the industry often wonder about this question. I shall try to answer it in a listener’s point of view, of course! So, below are a few things, that when taken into consideration, might guarantee you a huge number of listeners and sales. Without further ado, let’s dive in;


What theme does your song portray? Are you singing about love, a heartache, social dilemmas, regret or something else? Bottom line is, you need a theme for your song. This not only appeals to a specific fan base but also makes your song noticeable when one is doing a quick song search for a specific occasion. When you choose a niche, it’s easier to attract people who relate to your kind/type of music. However, versatility is great too and every once in a while, surprise your fans.

Invest in a good lyricist.

We can’t always know or do it all. But in case you can as a musician, take time to carefully write your lyrics. You might not be gifted in the art of weaving words into a beautiful poetic tapestry, but another person, might. Look out for such people and enlist their exceptional services. Lyrics are supposed to find you eager listeners. If the listeners can’t relate, they won’t care much either, especially if the melody is outright basic.

Advertise, advertise, advertise.

I’ve listened to songs I wouldn’t have listened to, merely because they were in my face every single time. It is prudent to incessantly advertise your music to your peers and the world. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. So you need to keep your fans in the know about your release dates or any upcoming songs, every time you get a chance. Don’t even think about cutting the marketing budget especially if you are new in the industry. Henry Ford says, “A [person] who stops advertising to save money is like a [person] who stops the clock to save time.” Also, while at it, ensure that your song(s) is(are) worth it, as Philip Kotler says, “the best advertising is done by satisfied customers(fans).” Should you want to advertise your music, Nymy media has got unbeatable prices for all your marketing needs, and you can contact them on or their social media pages. 

Lastly, sing in your own true voice. There was a time when people with sonorous voices were the only recognized great musicians. Then came those with husky voices who proved to the critics that the key was staying true to your voice, and that there are just many timbres to use. Remember, we all have unique voices, don’t rob the world of that. It’s in your interest as a singer to sound true to yourself. Go ahead and be breathy while you sing, use the lowest note if it’s more comfortable, the world will always come around. 

Blog Post by Golda Abesiga (On behalf of Nymy Media)

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