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Wonder JR – Gamba Nogu

Wonder JR – Gamba Nogu (Cover Artwork & Lyrics Video) ft. Rickman Manrick & Tungi 256

Nymy Media worked with Wonder JR on the cover artwork and lyrics visualizer for his latest single “Gamba Nogu” featuring Rickman Manrick and Tungi 256. The artwork is a black and white textured theme bearing the three artistes’ portrait photos with the title in bold white, all on a dark old torn newspaper depiction of the song’s lyrics. The same imagery concept was used on the lyrics visualizer with the use of After Effects Camera tracking to give an interactive experience to the viewers as they enjoy the music.

The artwork and lyrics visualizer for “Gamba Nogu” were both created by Nymy Media, a graphic design company based in Kampala, Uganda. Nymy Media is known for its innovative and creative work, and it has worked with a number of different artists and musicians, including A Pass, Azawi, Rickman Manrick, Lydia Jazmine, Aida Vee, and many more.

Watch Wonder JR – Gamba Nogu(Lyrics Video) ft Rickman Manrick & Tungi 256

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