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Scope Christian Ministries Website

Scope Christian Ministries desired to establish a vibrant online presence to extend their outreach and engage their audience efficiently. Nymy Media, as the chosen service provider, embarked on a journey to fulfill this vision through the creation of an exceptional logo and, later, the development of an outstanding website.

The project began with detailed discussions between Scope Christian Ministries’ CEO, Mr. Mwesigwa Joshua Buxton, and Nymy Media‚Äôs Odwako Isaac to understand the organization’s mission, values, and specific requirements for the website. These included the scope of the website, which was accurately defined, focusing on key features such as Scope Music, Scope Bible School, Stand Up 4 Kids, and Abaana Children’s Church.

Following the initial requirements-gathering phase, a detailed proposal was made, outlining the project scope, timeline, and costs. With mutual agreement established, the design phase started, where collective efforts led to the creation of a visually fascinating idea. The final design features included theme colors of purple, orange, white, and black, with the organization’s wordmark logo in shades of black and white. The graphics combined images of hands lifted in worship with photographs of children engaged in various activities, thus reflecting the Christian theme and highlighting the unique identity of Scope Christian Ministries.

Scope Christian Ministries 1 Nymy Media
Scope Christian Ministries (Landing Page)

Development followed, with Nymy Media implementing responsive design principles to ensure ideal viewing across various devices. Content creation was a collaborative effort, with a keen focus on aligning messaging with the organization’s values. Thorough testing and client reviews guaranteed the website’s functionality and compatibility. Additionally, the website’s visual appeal was carefully evaluated to ensure it met the required standards.

Upon completion, the website was officially launched on, marking a major milestone in the organization’s digital journey. Continuing support was provided to address any post-launch adjustments or technical issues, nurturing a long-term partnership between Scope Christian Ministries and Nymy Media.


Nymy Media‘s dedication to detail and client satisfaction resulted in the successful creation of a visually captivating and functional website. Through effective collaboration and thorough attention to client needs, the project achieved its goals of enhancing Scope Christian Ministries’ online presence and engaging its audience in a meaningful way.

Written By Asenath Were

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