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GNL Zamba – Zambaland (Album) Cover Redesign

Nymy Media is thrilled to present our recent work on the album cover redesign for GNL Zamba’s “Zambaland (The Storyteller)”. Odwako Isaac, a huge fan of GNL Zamba’s music, had a unique opportunity to visually interpret the essence of the entire album. He aimed to capture its narrative depth and artistic spirit.

The artwork design draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Ugandan storytelling traditions. We crafted an artwork that emphasizes the artist’s authority and presence. The central image, the artist’s three-quarters portrait, commands attention as the album is about “The Storyteller” himself. The artist is framed by vibrant red clouds and radiant light rays, suggesting the passion and illumination his stories bring.

We are honored to have collaborated with GNL Zamba on this project. We believe the redesigned cover art effectively reflects the depth and artistry of “Zambaland (The Storyteller)”.

Stream/Download; Zambaland

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