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Is Your Logo Killing Your Brand?

What is a logo?

So much is needed for a business or brand to thrive the throes of business competition. However, it all starts with a logo that is simple enough to easily be remembered and yet unique and innovative enough to stand out of the big crowd of logos out there. A logo should at the very least, aim at being so innovative so as to easily ooze the brand’s identity with every line or brush stroke of its being. A logo is your brand’s emblem.

What does a good logo entail?

A logo is that bridge that connects the brand to the customers, first before any aspect of the brand is scrutinized. This doesn’t mean that a logo will sell the business, it merely identifies it. Paul Rand says “A logo doesn’t sell(directly), it identifies.” So, just like good shoes are bound to get you noticed, great logos are bound to get your brand noticed, and if it gets people to stare at it, then that logo is bound to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers’ minds. A logo will speak for your brand every single time, day and year. Also, in an easy way, a logo tells the company’s Story. Saul Bass refers to it as “the internal story of the company.” Thus, if your logo is parallel to your brand’s story, you might need to discard it, like yesterday.

Nymy Media logo
Nymy Media Logo

At Nymy Media, we use simple but unique designs that tell simple stories, stories that are guaranteed to leave an everlasting impact on those that look at your logo, whether for long or just in passing. Our clients pride in the satisfactory work we do for them, in terms of designing one of a kind logos. And as such, we have worked with brands/companies like Lujja Services LLC, Sobem Investments Ltd, Witbots Security, Kwata Film School among others. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for amazing, simple and innovative logo designs for your brand. Your brand’s survival depends on it.

 For more information, you can visit our website, www.nymymedia.com

Blog Post by Golda Abesiga (On behalf of Nymy Media)

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