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Giovanni Kiyingi Delivers ‘Moments’ Just in Time to Ease Your January Blues.

Giovanni Kiyingi is a Ugandan folk singer-songwriter and World Music Artist. He is famously known for his seamless fusion of sounds from the local Ugandan fiddle(Endingidi), akogo, adungu, guitar, harmonica, flute, djembe, calabash, congas, drums and maracas in his songs to give you beautiful melodies.

Moments’ is a music EP that Giovanni Kiyingi just released,  the album was administered by Nymy Media. It consists of love ballads and a pinch of motivation delivered in smooth vocals by Giovanni Kiyingi. ‘Lubirizi’s lyrics speak of the proverbial and real rib that was taken out to mold a perfect lover that makes loving easy.

Then we slide into ‘Lisa’ a track that lets you find the right words to serenade the Lisa of your life. ‘Kenfunye Gwe’ and ‘Yoono’ are the ballads you can’t afford to miss in your serenading game. They are about the lover/partner that brings singlehood and the dreaded search for love, to an end. The lover you’ve been waiting for. ‘Tooke’ reminds you to leave the banter and naysayers alone, keep working and make more ‘tooke.’ So, do please enjoy these amazing tunes!

Nymy Media is behind the amazing visuals of the album, its release as well as the branding.

Stream/Download Moments Ep:


Blog Post by Golda Abesiga (On behalf of Nymy Media)

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